Business Portfolio

AMIC Energy owns a growing network of 20 EV charging and 470 mobility and retail service stations.

High levels of service

Our key objective is to make all visits to our service areas as pleasurable as possible.

We aim to provide our customers with high levels of service; good quality, competitively priced fuels and EV charging offering, car wash and, of course, a convenient and competitive shopping experience


We are adding top name brands to our existing convenience product offer, providing ready meals, TV dinners, local and international beer and wine

Food to go menu 

We continuously extend our food to go menu. Beside hot dogs, we offer freshly made sandwiches and salads from highest quality ingredients for customers focused on healthy food.


Tasty, wide range of coffee is made from best quality beans certified by UTZ.

Working and sitting areas 

Caring very much for our customer’s work and chill out experience, we are offering them welcoming and comfortable sitting areas.

Car wash 

We also provide additional services at sites such as car and jet wash, ATMs and trailer rent.

7 days a week 

Our convenience stores are open 7 days a week offering friendly and helpful service, and easy access to parking places for quick, convenient shopping.

AMIC Polska sp. z o.o.

AMIC Ukraine CFI

The companies UAB VIADA LT and 
AS VIADA Baltija rent and operate the retail networks in Lithuania and Latvia, respectively.